How to Lose Your Virginity without Pain Recommend By Las Vegas Bachelor Party Escorts

Lose Your Virginity

Share Your Fears with Your Partner

It is an undoubted fact that almost all girls are scared of losing their virginity. When you decide to lose your virginity to him, it means you trust that he will make you feel happy and whole. Therefore, don’t hide your fears because this will make it hard for him to meet your desires. A good partner that cares about you will listen and act in a way that will make you feel comfortable and safe. This is important in making the experience better for both of you.

Experiment with Different Sexual Experiences

The pain of losing virginity is sometimes impacted by perceptions. After trying out different experiences, you might realize that it is actually all pleasure. If a certain sex position feels painful, ask him to try a different one. You can also start by teasing your vagina using sex toys so that when his cock comes through, it does not feel like he is tearing your flesh apart. Lubes are also a great accessory to use when losing your virginity. They help by easing the pressure and friction from the tight grip.

Understanding your body’s anatomy, proper communication with your partner beforehand and trying out different sexual experiences can make all the difference. Try these approaches to lose your virginity without pain.

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