Five Danger Signs Of Love Triangles

There are times in our lives when we may feel like we want to break up a relationship, but the love triangle is so intoxicating that breaking it off seems impossible. In fact, it may seem that the more you resist the triangle the stronger it becomes. To break off this kind of relationship might require some serious introspection and serious soul searching. We will explore 3 main reasons why love triangles can be dangerous.

The first danger in this type of triangle is that it creates a sort of power imbalance. The stronger partner tends to control the relationship while the weaker partner feels dependent on the partner they rely on for their support. The more dependent a person feels, the more they will allow their need to be filled by the other person. This causes a triangle where one party is emotionally needy while the other party does not have the same needs. This type of triangle is often described as a bad attractor where one party takes on the feelings of the other.

The second danger of a love triangle is that the love isn’t based on any type of commitment. A triangle that is based on friendship might work at first, but if this friendship is based on anything other than love – or sex – the triangle will eventually fizzle out. People fall in love based on experiences and thoughts. If those thoughts don’t have substance – if the people in the triangle have never had a serious relationship before, if they are always thinking about sex or if they are constantly thinking about their partner and what they might do – then they are more likely to give in to their partners’ pressure. In a real relationship, a triangle with no solid foundation is unstable and can lead to hurt feelings.

The third danger of a love triangle is that the two partners never get to know each other. Love should happen naturally, just like it happens in most relationships. When one partner spends all their time thinking about their partner and worrying about what they might be doing or who they might be with, the love triangle can become a non-stop conversation.

The fourth danger of a love triangle is that it can damage a couple. If the people in the triangle aren’t attracted to each other, then they might feel pressured into having a relationship with each other. If this happens, both partners might feel rejected and that could lead to arguments and heartache. This might result in the person who was originally attracted to the other person also losing interest. It can even result in the one attracted to the other person losing interest in the relationship altogether.

Finally, the fifth and final danger of a love triangle is that it can develop unhealthy patterns. Love is a natural emotion. When two people are romantically involved, it’s easy for them to fall into predictable patterns of behavior – and one of them may realize that they are developing an attraction to the other person. When that happens, the person involved might think that he or she has fallen into a relationship where the one they are attracted to will never leave.

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